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Primo Homes is a luxury construction company with over 30 years of collective experience specialized in the construction of commercial and residential real estate projects, especially high-end custom homes in Bella Collina and Lake Nona. Based in Orlando, Florida, Primo Homes is committed to our investors in meeting their construction goals and custom land development.

At Primo Homes, we will work directly with you to choose the ideal location for project development, we will meticulously plan everything to the smallest detail, and we will engineer the land so that it is completely ready for construction. We are passionate about quality and we want to establish a lasting relationship with our partners.

Primo Homes has developed a deep experience in dealing with a wide variety of international business issues, ranging from real estate development to commercial properties, always with a great passion for quality and an emphasis on excellence.

Our mission at Primo Homes is to perform each project on time, within budget, and with the highest quality standards to transform the combined views of project owners and consultants into an impeccable physical reality through collaborative teamwork and management of qualified resources. However, what we really aspire to do is to build something better than expected, with our personal attention to every detail.

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