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Davila Custom Homes is a fast growing luxury custom homebuilder located in Central Florida. Created by TJ Davila, an engineering fascinated with the construction process here in the US, since he was a kid, the company started its activities back in 2009, in Orlando. Our president is a member of the Home Builders Association (HBA) of Metro Orlando and also of the National Association of Homes Builders (NAHB).

Our company offers a great selection of services any homebuilder needs to design, build and furnish a luxury home. Our team includes: architects, interior designers, landscape architects, lighting consultants, experienced construction managers, real estate and mortgages brokers. There are so many components involved in custom designing and building a luxury home that we believe this coordinated package is the best for all our clients. We have seen chaotic results when the homebuilding process is not managed properly and on the other hand we know the smooth flow of our one-stop-shop style, which will offer our clients the result they expect.

The one-stop-shopping approach that we use means that homeowners can be certain of a coordinated and unified flow of work. Since most people don’t have the time, energy or expertise to chase for all the services needed, we just put the entire process under one roof. Beginning with the initial meeting at our corporate office, our investors will find that they can rest assured that we will take care of the entire process from start to finish.

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