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Post Date: Dec 15, 2022

Get a Body Tune-Up with a Trip to the Spa

Get a Body Tune-Up with a Trip to the Spa

The passage of years and injuries take a toll on your body. Tender joints or strained muscles slow you down and promote inactivity. 

Gradually, you may begin to avoid exercise due to pain, but spa treatments could get you off the couch and on to enjoy an active lifestyle again. Two primary benefits of spa treatments are relief from physical ailments and mental well-being.

Relief from Physical Pain

Most people visit a spa to relax and get the tension worked out of tight muscles. You may need to relax because of the high-pressure modern lifestyles. 

There are work deadlines. Your kids need rides to practice at three different times. Your aging parents have doctor’s appointments and no longer drive. The traffic is a nightmare. The list – and stress – seem endless.

Hectic schedules, digital overload, and responsibilities leave you with tense muscles that can cause headaches and reduce sleep quality. Aching muscles and fatigue slowly undermine your physical activity until your body feels less able to perform. 

Similar to stress, an injury or chronic condition, like fibromyalgia, can also send you into a cycle of pain and inactivity. 

Spa treatments are just the thing to reboot the body from wear and tear. They are the maintenance your body physically needs. 

Bella Collina Massage Spa Treatment

Mental Well-Being

Chronic pain or stress creates a mental strain too, and regular visits to a spa can alleviate the negative thoughts and moodiness that reduce your quality of life. 

Going to the spa gives you a chance to do something exclusively for yourself. You might go with a group for fun, but your treatment is about making YOU feel better. Improvement in your physical state can translate into a better mental state that leaves you with more motivation to stay physically active. 

Self-care can be a powerful antidote to daily stress. You are consciously choosing to treat yourself with compassion. This makes you better able to take pride in your talents and abilities instead of being distracted by thoughts of inadequacy or decline. 


Physical and Mental Benefits of Spa Treatments

Spas in various forms have been around for thousands of years and across many cultures. Their services are arguably a necessary part of human society, and research frequently confirms claims about the benefits of visiting spas. 

Massage therapists all over the world have developed many different massage techniques. Regardless of approach, they all share the basic concept of manipulating your soft tissues with hands or handheld devices. 


Touching and compression of soft tissues improves circulation and works out tension. Touch researcher Dr. Tiffany Field adds that the pressure produced by massage stimulates the vagus nerve that extends throughout the body. Her research measured how vagal activity rose during a massage and reduced the body’s production of the “stress hormone” cortisol. 

At the same time, massage boosts serotonin levels in your body. This chemical can lift your mood and block pain. This finding explains how massage can alleviate pain and speed recovery from injuries. 

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Spa Hydrotherapy

Spa hydrotherapy involves relaxing in a hot bath or whirlpool with soothing water jets. Even at its most basic, hydrotherapy warms your muscles so that they can release stored tension.

Hydrotherapy works through a combination of:

  • Buoyancy
  • Heat
  • Gentle pressure

Sitting or reclining in water takes the pressure off your joints—the buoyancy dials down the pull of gravity. 

The hot water loosens your muscles and other soft tissues, and the jets force a soothing stream of water into your body. The targeted water pressure yields a gentle massage for a pleasurable sensation. You can adjust your position and work your sore areas against the massaging jets. 


Skin Treatments

The skin is the body’s largest organ and is often overlooked when it comes to health and fitness. Facials or body wraps pull toxins, like air pollution particles, off your skin and leave you with a healthy glow. 

At a minimum, skin treatments rely on masks to pull dead cells and microscopic dirt from the skin before applying hydrating solutions. 

Some facial treatments involve LED lights, microneedles, and exfoliating scrubs to reduce fine lines or skin discoloration. 

The results of skin treatment can create confidence in your appearance. Your mood will improve when you feel more confident. Feeling better about the way you look can lead to adopting a healthier and more active lifestyle. Baby steps. 

Skin treatments also deliver some of the benefits of massage because a technician will touch you gently and comfortably. Facials often include a gentle massage of the face, neck, and temple. 



Cumulative Effects of Regular Spa Visits

Spa treatments release tension trapped in the body that interferes with circulation and healing. A single trip to the spa when your body and mind feel depleted can start the rejuvenation process. 

But imagine how much better you would feel if you indulged in spa treatments consistently. Regularly escaping from the grind of daily life prevents stress from building up to harmful levels. 

Think of the spa as a place to optimize your wellness. The physiological and psychological benefits allow your body to perform at its best. Ignoring your stress and bodily aches inevitably leads to inactivity and irritability. 



Nature Enhances the Luxury Spa Experience

Numerous studies about the benefits of exposure to nature conclude that our bodies respond positively to natural landscapes. Nature exposure can lower blood pressure and reduce cortisol production. 

The Spa at Bella Collina welcomes visitors into the tranquil, private, luxury gated community of Bella Collina, located in Montverde Florida. As one of the best spas in the Orlando area, you will be exposed to nature to help quiet your mind and release tension. 

The Spa sits atop a hill overlooking a breathtaking landscape. The Old-World-style stone architecture makes you feel like you’re slipping into a private estate in Tuscany.

You can put wellness – and pampering – at the top of your to-do list at the Spa at Bella Collina. Our skilled staff specializes in multiple forms of massage and facials. Give your body and mind what they need to thrive. Contact the Spa today. 

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