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Post Date: Apr 26, 2023

Top Benefits of Living in a Gated Golf Community

Top Benefits of Living in a Gated Golf Community

Whether you’re an avid golfer, a spectator, or just someone who’s looking for top-notch luxury in your next home, the benefits of living in a gated golf community are overwhelming.

In general, gated communities provide residents protection against interlopers, excessive traffic, and a sense of community that’s woven into the neighborhood’s fiber. A golf community is an inherent layer that incorporates luxury, sports, and magnificent landscaping that you don’t find in traditional suburban neighborhoods.

Taken together, a gated golf community is a luxurious setting, rife with privacy and beauty, that adds incredible grandeur to the place you set roots.

Take a look at the top benefits of living in a gated golf community.

Access to Premier Golf Courses

If you’re looking into gated golf communities, chances are you’re doing so for the golf. By joining a golf community, not only do you immerse yourself in the golf lifestyle, but you also have convenient access to a premier course.

As a benefit of residing in a golf community, you are given first access to tee times. Although some golf communities may welcome non-residents, residents are typically given privileges over non-residents.

Bella Collina Golf Course

Best of all, your home’s proximity to the golf course means you can sleep in a little later to make your tee time. So, if the idea of playing 18 holes right in your backyard whenever you want sounds appealing, living in a gated golf community might be just the ticket.

A Sense of Security

One of the best features of any gated community is the built-in sense of security. Locked entry gates that require special access codes not only keep out unwanted guests but also deter potential predators.

In gated communities, you’ll find security measures such as surveillance cameras, security guards, and perimeter monitoring that simply don’t exist in non-gated communities.

Bella Collina Entrance 

Additionally, the lack of access to non-residents means that traffic, which could pose a safety risk, is limited to only those who call the community home. Altogether, these incredible features ramp up safety for residents of a gated community.

Magnificent Landscaping

Perhaps the best feature of living in a golf community is the intrinsic landscaping that’s nearly impossible to accomplish in any other neighborhood.

Golf courses are known for their well-maintained, verdant landscapes. When you choose to live in a golf community, you step into a magnificent setting that requires little to no maintenance from the homeowner.

Prominent landscapes, spectacular architecture, and astounding views are essentially built into your home’s setting when you live in a golf community. Golf communities often have awesome water features such as magnificent lakes or peaceful streams. These features create a breathtaking environment to call home.

Bella Collina Golf Course Sunset 

Imagine waking up each morning to golf course views, awe-inspiring landscaping, and the sounds of nature afoot. What better way to enjoy your morning coffee?

World Class Amenities

The amenities in a gated golf community are second to none. Depending on the community itself, some of the additional amenities you may encounter include:

  • outdoor sports facilities such as tennis, pickleball, and basketball
  • pro shop
  • fitness center
  • pool and sundeck
  • restaurants
  • clubhouse
  • spa
  • party venue
  • hiking and biking trails

Bella Collina Clubhouse Fire Pit

While some of these amenities may be available to non-residents for a fee, many times additional amenities are available to residents at no additional cost. So, ditch your gym membership, forget the new pool plans, and line up your dinner reservations all within the comfort of your neighborhood.

Incredible Private Events

Imagine throwing your most lavish parties just steps from your home in the most gorgeous environment. Living in a gated golf community may give you access to a clubhouse, restaurants, and party venues that are conveniently located and set against the backdrop of an alluring golf course.

From birthday parties and baby showers to weddings and luxurious charity events, living in a gated golf community can provide you access to premier party settings.

Bella Collina Property Owner Social

In addition to the availability of hosting your own private events on property, golf communities often host exciting tournaments and other special events. Whether you’re eager to put your golf skills to the test on your home course or you simply look forward to watching incredible competitions, tournaments are a big part of the golf community lifestyle.

From friendly community tournaments to prestigious international tournaments, living in a golf community further immerses you in the sport you love most.

A Built-In Community

One of the nicest components of living in any gated golf community is the built-in sense of connection. You can expect to make lifelong friends with the smiling neighbors you see each week on the golf course, in passing while walking your dog, at the fitness center, or over a cocktail at the clubhouse.

Golf community residents are drawn to the innate socialization that clubhouse living provides. When you immerse yourself in this communal way of life, your neighbors become built-in friends who will celebrate with you, compete with you, and look out for you and your home.

Bella Collina Easter Brunch Egg Hunt

Living in a gated golf community puts you in perfect proximity to people with the same interests as you. In no time, you’ll be teeing off with your new neighbors and golf partners.

Choosing a Community That Checks All the Boxes

If you’re looking for the best in gated golf communities, be sure to pay a visit to Bella Collina just outside Orlando, Florida. Whether you’re hoping to find a move-in ready home or condo, or you dream of building from the ground up, the real estate specialists at Bella Collina can guide you through a seamless and rewarding process.

At Bella Collina, your family will set roots, your neighbors will become lifelong friends, and you’ll live in the lap of luxury. With a magnificent Sir Nick Faldo-designed golf course at your doorstep, you’re only ever moments away from your next 18 holes.

Golf Academy-122 
Before you know it, you’ll be teeing off at one of Florida’s premier golf courses.

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