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Post Date: Nov 22, 2023

Redefining Luxury: How Modern Gated Communities are Elevating Lifestyle Standards

Redefining Luxury: How Modern Gated Communities are Elevating Lifestyle Standards

Gated communities became popular in the 70s as sanctuaries for retirees and seniors. They were developed as residential communities safeguarding against unwanted traffic and safety threats. They also boasted low-maintenance home ownership with, in most cases, landscaping, lawn care, trash removal, and more, maintained by homeowners’ associations.

Though gated communities come from humble beginnings, today, luxury communities with custom-built homes that provide magnificent aesthetics, exceptional amenities, and exquisite homes are more common than not. New communities pop up around the country each year.

Modern gated communities, a far cry from those of the 70s, have elevated lifestyle standards tenfold. Check out some of the ways you can live in the lap of luxury in a modern gated community.

Top-Notch Security Features

Bella Collina Gated Entrance

One of the biggest draws of living in a gated community is its inherent security features. Keeping a community gated helps to fend off unwanted traffic and visitors, well-meaning or otherwise. Both car traffic and foot traffic are significantly reduced in private residential neighborhoods. Unwanted guests, solicitors, and through traffic can’t gain access to these neighborhoods without permission or resident access. The reduced car traffic also makes the streets of a gated community safer for walking and children at play.

Likewise, gated communities typically have security features such as guards, surveillance cameras, and perimeter monitoring. These features serve as a deterrent to potential unwanted visitors and thieves. As advancements in security technology develop, luxury gated communities add them to their arsenal of elevated lifestyle standards to help keep residents safe.

Magnificent Landscaping

Bella Collina Cub and Landscaping

Luxury gated communities are known for their low-maintenance, visually appealing exterior aesthetic. Common areas may boast beautiful landscaping, incredible hardscaping, picturesque lakes, eco-friendly attributes, and water features. Homeowners’ associations (HOA) or community management teams maintain and manage these aspects.

Further, the HOA typically cares for road maintenance, lawn care, snow removal, and other exterior maintenance. Ultimately, as a homeowner in a luxury gated community, you have very few responsibilities in terms of exterior upkeep. For this reason, gated living has historically appealed to retirees and seniors. Today, however, this low-maintenance lifestyle is a luxury standard that’s also embraced by busy young families who prefer to focus on family and career instead of yard work.

Community Living

Bella Collina Bella Collina Luxury Private Club Pickleball Clinic

Of the many enticing characteristics of living in a gated community, the sense of community forged with your neighbors is among the nicest. Within the confines of these neighborhoods, you see the same friendly faces every day. These are people who will look out for you, your home, and your property. They’re the same people with whom you will spend mornings in the gym, afternoons at the pool, and evenings in the clubhouse.

Fun event calendars, recreational facilities, and active living environments with sports facilities bolster this sense of community. As you become a part of your community, you’ll undoubtedly make friendships that will last a lifetime.

Leisure Amenities

Bella Collina Spa Facials

The leisure amenities in luxury gated communities are unparalleled. Be on the lookout for on-site spas where you’re just a hop, skip, and jump away from routine massages, facials, and other relaxing services. You may also find gyms that feature saunas for winding down after a challenging workout.

If you love to relax poolside, resort-style pools, whirlpools, and sundecks outfitted with comfortable loungers, these should be must-haves in your selected community. Whether you’re settling into retirement or need a second home to escape the hubbub of a hectic work schedule, find a gated community with top-notch leisure amenities.

Active Living Elements

Bella Collina Bella Collina Luxury Private Club Pickleball Clinic

As luxury gated communities up the ante with lifestyle standards, we’re seeing an emphasis on active living facilities. Consider a gated community if you enjoy maintaining an active lifestyle, playing recreational sports, and socializing with other active people. Be on the lookout for communities with facilities such as:

  • Golf courses
  • Basketball courts
  • Tennis courts
  • Pickleball courts
  • Lap lanes (pool)
  • Full fitness center
  • Group exercise or activities

Not only do such facilities keep you moving, but they also bring you together with your neighbors. Imagine the fun of waking up each morning and having all of these options at your fingertips.

Even if you’re not someone who is currently into these active pursuits yet, knowing they’re available to you is encouraging and enticing. Maybe you’ll pick up a new sport like pickleball or perfect your golf game. Either way, active living is one of the many elevated lifestyle standards you can expect in upscale gated communities.

On-Site Event Venues

Bella Collina Property Owner Social

Whether planting roots near a metropolitan area or far from the hubbub of the big city, having on-site event options is a big bonus. Many new luxury gated communities feature world-class restaurants, lounges, and inviting clubhouses. Imagine getting home from a long day of work, golf, or other pursuits and having the option to dine on-premises instead of having to heat up your kitchen stove.

Some luxury communities even offer accommodations for out-of-town guests. How nice would it be to have family in town but not have to host them in your own home? With on-site accommodations such as short-term vacation rentals, that’s an appealing reality. Welcome friends and family to your community with lovely accommodations that provide them privacy and access to the amenities you regularly enjoy.

Bella Collina Checks All the Boxes

Bella Collina Golf Homes and Golf Course

There’s no denying that gated communities have come a long way since they began gaining popularity in the 70s. Today, they’re just as popular among working families as retirees. What’s more, the lifestyle standards get better each year. When you think luxury gated communities can’t outdo themselves, they do!

If you’re considering luxury gated communities in Central Florida, check out Bella Collina. Situated in beautiful Montverde, just outside of Orlando, Bella Collina has it all. An incredible Sir Nick Faldo-designed golf course, incredible move-in ready and new construction real estate, sports facilities out the wazoo, an excellent full-service restaurant/bar, a world-class spa, a resort-caliber pool, and incredible event spaces are just a few of the reasons Bella Collina is the epitome of elevated lifestyle standards in luxury living.

Reach out today to learn more about how you could call this magnificent community home.

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