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Post Date: Jul 27, 2020

Five Must Have Golf Accessories For Experienced and Beginner Golfers

Five Must Have Golf Accessories For Experienced and Beginner Golfers

Playing games such as golf is an excellent way of spending your leisure time. There are a variety of games that you can engage in. However, the choice of your favorite game depends on what you love doing. Even as you choose a game, you must know the necessary equipment and the rules of each game.

Golf is one of the games that people like to play. The game usually comes with much pleasure as well as prestige. Gold has several accessories that you must have to be able to play it well. This is despite whether you are a beginner or an experienced player.

The Golf Game

Golf is a game that involves a club and a ball. The players in the game compete to hit the ball into each hole within a golf course using the least strokes possible. The game does not necessarily need a standard playing area. It takes place in a course that contains either nine or 18 holes.

During the game, you can either use a single or successful strokes according to the given rules in a particular game you are participating in. The game that meant to use the fewest strokes by a golfer is called a single stroke. Alternatively, if it is played for the lowest score on the most golfer’s holes within one whole round, then this is referred to as match play.

Although most golf courses feature nine holes, some have 18. However, in a nine-hole course, the game can be played twice for a complete round. The holes in the course are in series and have an area for teeing. A play round involves playing a certain number of holes sequentially. Usually, one round consists of 18 holes played according to the layout of the course.

To play golf, you need to strike the ball with a club on the teeing space. In case the stroke needs to be long due to a distant hole, you are allowed to elevate the ball using a tee. Just like in football, there are penalties in certain situations.

What are Golf Accessories

In as much as there are rules to follow, there are also specific accessories for every game. Of course, golfing is not an exception since it has specific necessary tools. The golf accessories cover all that is needed to facilitate the game. They can be classified into several categories which include;

The golf ball itself
Accessories for golf ball striking
Aid for striking
Play-enriching devices

Every type of accessories in the above list of accessories contains the equipment required. Moreover, each of the accessories performs a critical function that is needed during golfing.

Different Golf Accessories for Different Courses

Unlike other games, a golf match does not have a standardized play area. Instead, a course can be designed in various ways as long as it contains primary elements such as.

Teeing area
The greens

However, the classification of types of courses can occur under different criteria which include.

Kind of access by golfers
The size of the course
The design type

Looking at the accessories for different golf courses based on the size of the golf course include.

The 18-hole golf course
The 9-hole golf course
Part three
The approach course

The above courses are different from each other. Therefore, each requires a different set of accessories. Let us look at each and the most appropriate accessories to equip you better.

The 18-Hole Golf Course

The golf course is made up of par-4 holes mixed up with par-5 holes and par-3 holes. For this reason, this course is viewed as the standard course.

The 9-Hole course

The Course has par-4 holes mixed with a few par-5, par-3 holes. However, it has a total of nine holes lengthwise.

The Executive Course

The course has either nine or 18-holes. However, it is shorter and hence faster to play on. It contains more par-3 but less par-4 and par-5 holes. As a result, you will finish the rounds faster.

Par-3 Course

The course contains par-3 holes alone. Lengthwise, it is shorter hence faster to play on.

Approach Course

Mostly, this is for experienced players who want to perfect in chipping and pitching. However, since it is shorter than a par-3 course, it is suitable for you if you are a starter.

All the above courses might have different accessories to use during the play depending on the player. However, below is a list of the universal accessories that you require to play in any of the above golf courses;

Divot equipment
Golf retriever
Club cleaner

The Most Critical Golf Accessories You Must Have in Your Golf Bag

Although every accessory is crucial in golf, there are some which are more important than others. Therefore, you should not miss them. The five golf accessories below are vital for you whether you are a newbie or an experienced golfer.

A Golf Shoe Bag

When you are through with your round, you need to keep the golf shoes for another day safely. Keeping them in a bag not only keeps them safe, but you also avoid carrying dirt to your car. Therefore, change to a comfortable pair immediately after you leave the course.

Golf Gloves

Golf gloves are important. If you play without them, your hands might keep on sweating hence losing grip of the club. Still, sometimes it becomes cold, and the gloves protect you from becoming numb. You need them to make accurate striking.

An Umbrella

Sometimes you don’t want to miss around on the course. However, you realize that it’s about to rain. In this case, carry on that umbrella and keep everything in the course dry.
However, if your hands, towel, club and the grip gets wet when playing, you will probably play out of bound and lose the game.


Sometimes the sun can be a real menace to your game. If you play for extremely long hours, you need to have sunscreen to protect you from sunburns and excessive sweating when doing your rounds. You can either choose to use lotion as well.

The Ball Marker

The ball marker is crucial for you. It is mostly used in situations when two balls come too close to one another. Since one must pave the way for the other, the ball marker becomes crucial. After the removal and a strike by the ball owner, it is then placed back to its position.

Golf playing comes with a variety of benefits to the body. To start with, it contributes to mental health, physical fitness, as well as the reduction of anxiety and stress. Moreover, it improves the vision, maintains the heart rate and improves bladder function. Physically, the game is much more engaging. For this reason, it is a way of doing some exercise that keeps your body active.

On the social dimension, it assists you to make relationships easily. Therefore, you can make friends and be able to engage in conversations with ease. Golfing is not all about pleasure and prestige, but also about your health and well-being.

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