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Post Date: Feb 22, 2024

Creating an Unforgettable Wedding Weekend at Bella Collina

Creating an Unforgettable Wedding Weekend at Bella Collina

From the excitement of your engagement to the joy of the bridal shower, the bachelor party, and the rehearsal, there are countless events that pave the way to your special wedding day. However, a wedding is more than just a single day. It celebrates love, commitment, unity, friends, and family.

As such, it’s important to plan an event that honors your love for one another and the people who support your relationship. Your wedding weekend should be as big and unforgettable as your love for one another.

If you hope to plan an extravagant weekend full of celebrations, check out these suggestions for an epic few days that will create indelible memories for you and your loved ones.

Send Save the Dates Early

Wedding Party at Bella Collina

Curating the perfect wedding weekend necessitates that you’re surrounded by all of your most important friends and family. If you hope to have optimal attendance, your best bet is to send out save-the-dates as early as possible.

If you’re expecting guests to carve out an entire weekend for your celebration, you’ve got to give them plenty of notice to arrange for travel, childcare, etc. Make sure that your save-the-date delineates a rough itinerary so that guests know what to expect.

Also, be sure to include travel and accommodation arrangements and recommendations.

Plan Weekend Events Around the Wedding

Almost as fun as the wedding ceremony and reception are the micro events you plan surrounding the main event. Let’s face it, there is so much to celebrate when two people unite in love and marriage.

Wedding Bliss Event

The magnitude of that love and commitment deserves to be celebrated extraordinarily. Here are some micro-events that you should consider adding to your wedding weekend itinerary:

  • Welcome Party

    This pre-wedding event is a great way to kick off an exciting weekend. Not only is it a fun way to set the tone for the weekend, but it also makes your guests feel special and, as its name suggests, welcomed. Casual food, plenty of drinks, and entertainment will set the vibe for a night filled with laughs and revelry.
  • Rehearsal Dinner

    After the rehearsal wraps up and everyone feels confident in their roles for the big day, it's time to gather your wedding party and ceremony participants for a special evening. The rehearsal dinner is a chance to express gratitude to your loved ones, from parents to officiants, by treating them to a delicious meal. At this intimate dinner, you can wine and dine your guests and present them with thoughtful thank-you gifts. Consider hosting this event at one of Bella Collina's stunning venues for a memorable and elegant rehearsal dinner experience.

Bella Collina

  • Tee Time

    A nice way for the groom to connect with his groomsmen and other special guys is with a round of golf. Consider building in a tee time on the morning of the big day. This is a fun way to relax, let loose, and expel those wedding day jitters.
  • Spa Day

    If golf isn't your cup of tea, consider starting your big day with a relaxing morning at the spa. Treat yourself and your bridal party to a luxurious massage to feel refreshed and energized for the wedding festivities that lie ahead.


  • Pre-Ceremony Cocktails

    As guests begin to gather before the wedding ceremony, invite them to enjoy a cocktail (or two). Offer a glass of bubbly or a signature cocktail or, heck, an open bar with whatever they’d like. Either way, guests will enjoy having a place to assemble before they assemble. What’s more, they’ll certainly appreciate having a cocktail in hand for the wedding ceremony.
  • After Party

    When the wedding reception winds down and guests are still tuned up, they’ll want to keep the party going. Give the people what they want with a fun after-party. Keep the music playing, the dance floor bopping, and the bar open. Offer late-night snacks like pizza, burgers, and fries, and your guests will be delighted. The after party is a great way for the bride and groom to let loose after a day full of pomp and circumstance and entertaining guests.

Bella Collina Weddings

  • Farewell Brunch

    Cap off your unforgettable wedding weekend with a farewell brunch. This is an exquisite way to cure those wedding night hangovers and reminisce about the amazing time that was had by all. It’s also the perfect setting for a honeymoon send-off.

Provide Guests With an Itinerary

Provide your guests with an itinerary that outlines each of the amazing events you have in store for them. Your itinerary should contain an overview of the weekend’s events and a polite indication of whether each is suggested or expected.

Within the itinerary, include recommendations for local restaurants, sights, and transportation. You might also include information about local events, area maps, and vouchers for golf, spa treatments, and drinks.

Present Welcome Gifts

As guests arrive for your wedding weekend, it’s both thoughtful and generous to provide them with welcome gifts. Yet another way to show appreciation to your guests for their willingness to travel in honor of you, welcome gifts are a fun little surprise that makes them feel extra special.

Welcome gifts might include beverages, snacks, hangover remedies, a local treat, something personalized, luggage tags, and beyond. Besides these essentials, you could include destination-specific swag too; golf tees or balls, sunscreen, and spa slippers are just a few ideas.

Party Favors

Present your welcome gifts in a posh bag or basket, and leave them with the concierge to distribute at check-in.

Build in Down Time

A wedding weekend is a whirlwind of pomp and circumstance…as it should be. However, guests will appreciate a bit of downtime built into their itinerary. Make sure to leave time for guests to lounge by the pool, explore their surroundings, see local sights, and squeeze in a workout.

Accounting for some of the weekend’s events to be optional will give guests the power to make time for exploring and enjoying the weekend beyond your wedding.

Bella Collina Pool

Plan the Most Luxurious Wedding Weekend at Bella Collina

Finding a venue that will allow you to incorporate all elements of your dream luxury wedding weekend is the key to unforgettable memories. A venue such as Bella Collina, a luxury destination venue in Montverde, Florida, part of the Greater Orlando area, can curate the most magical wedding weekend with all the bells and whistles.

With a variety of on-site wedding venues ranging from elegant ballrooms to scenic verandas and spacious lawns, Bella Collina offers the perfect spaces to host a range of unique events throughout your wedding weekend. Each venue sets the stage for unforgettable experiences in different settings, ensuring a weekend full of magic and memories.

A world-class golf course, luxury spa, resort-style pool, and on-site overnight accommodations make Bella Collina the perfect spot for an incredible and unforgettable wedding weekend. Reach out to the extraordinary wedding team at Bella Collina today to hear about hosting the wedding weekend of a lifetime.

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