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Post Date: Jun 02, 2020

9 Advantages to Owning a Home Within a Golf Community - Bella Collina

9 Advantages to Owning a Home Within a Golf Community - Bella Collina

Owning a home within a golf community is an excellent longterm investment. Apart from its obvious market value, there are many different advantages to owning a home in a golfing community. If you’re in the market for a luxury home, this article will outline the many advantages and benefits associated with owning a home in a golf community.

Master Planning

One of the primary benefits of living in a golfing community is the planning involved in building the community itself. Most golf communities are either master-planned or archetyped to enhance that specific community lifestyle.

For example, Bella Collina’s golf community is designed to showcase the intersection between nature and luxury. The community highlights luxury properties, a Sir Nick Faldo designed golf course, many luxury amenities, and its natural surroundings. Living in a luxury golf community means your experience was masterfully crafted from inception.

Healthy Lifestyle

Typically, a golf community focuses on a healthy outdoor lifestyle. After all, the lure of golf course living is not just the home itself but all the exclusive activities you can take part in by simply situating yourself in that community. A great example of a golf community that promotes healthy living is one that integrates amenities like swimming, gym facilities, hiking trails, and of course golfing.

Play More Golf

The great thing about owning a home in a golf community is your proximity to the course. While having a golf resort membership is nice, there’s nothing quite like living within a golf community. This signifies a lifestyle of leisure and luxury, wherein the course is simply a few steps outside your front door. Imagine all the tee time you can get in by simply living where you love to play.

Gated Safety

As with most luxury communities, gated safety is paramount. If you find yourself at a stage in your life where safety is a priority, living in a luxury golf community like Bella Collina is ideal. This aspect is particularly important for couples with young children or affluent executives who want to separate their lifestyle from the public. 

Good Investment 

If you’re looking for a property that holds its value owning a home within a golf community is ideal as the community itself is vested in maintaining the value of its properties. In general, golf communities add value to the price of a home. 

Access to Luxury Amenities 

As mentioned previously living in a golf community has many advantages especially those associated with its amenities. Apart from active amenities like tennis and gym facilities other luxury amenities are typically available. For example, Bella Collina boasts private fine dining restaurants, a luxury spa, and a highly sought after clubhouse. 

Private Community 

One of the many benefits of living at a golf community is its exclusive nature. This is particularly helpful for people who enjoy their privacy or hold affluent positions. If you want to spend more time with people who vetted neighbors or people in similar positions, owning a home in a golf community is ideal. 

Luxury Clubhouse Access 

There’s nothing like a good clubhouse in your community. A clubhouse gives you an opportunity to connect and mingle with your community members. For example, Bella Collina’s Clubhouse is certainly a sight to behold. Nestled at the center of the community, the clubhouse includes beautifully manicured grounds, swimming pools, outside lounging areas, and fine dining. Altogether, owning a home in a golf community like Bella Collina leaves you wanting for nothing. 

Event Access 

The great thing about owning a home in a golf community is the care and consideration that goes into yearly event planning. If you’re looking for an exclusive community that cares for holiday events, mixers, and yearly celebrations a well-managed golf community often hosts these types of events. For example, Bella Collina is known for hosting events including Holiday events like an Annual New Year’s celebration and even smaller monthly events like member golf tournaments and mixers. 

Overall owning a home within a golf community boasts many advantages. We hope this article pulled back the curtain a bit and shared some insight on living in a golf community. If you’re interested in learning more about purchasing your next property at Bella Collina feel free to send us a message and one of our agents will get in touch promptly. 

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