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Post Date: Feb 15, 2024

8 Tips to Find the Right Tennis Pro

8 Tips to Find the Right Tennis Pro

A positive coach-athlete relationship has the power to unlock your greatest potential as a tennis player. Both recreational tennis players and athletes aspiring to professional competition benefit from working with tennis pros.

You can enhance your performance on the court when you connect with a talented tennis coach. Finding a tennis pro who's the right fit for your goals and personality depends on meeting the following criteria.

1. Look for Age-Appropriate Coaching Skills

If you're choosing a tennis pro to coach your child, take into account each candidate's experience with youth athletes. Some coaches excel at instructing children, whereas others have a greater talent for guiding adults and young adults. Some pros have the skill to work effectively with tennis players of all ages.

A pro who works successfully with children will have a strong understanding of children's physical and emotional capacities at different stages of development. Children need gentle yet consistent guidance to grow their emotional resilience.

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A good kids' tennis coach knows how to elicit feedback from young people who may have a harder time explaining their thoughts and challenges. Young tennis players need help getting past discouraging defeats or feelings of failure. At the same time, a child's coach works to instill values like sportsmanship and discipline.

Assessing a tennis pro's skill with different age groups:

  • Ask what ages the person has instructed.
  • Get details on what the person recommends for different ages.
  • Look for feedback or reviews from previous clients.

2. Favor Coaching Experience Over Success as an Athlete

A tennis instructor who had a winning career as a pro possesses a lot of skill, but a great player is not automatically a great instructor. All good players have a deep understanding of the game, but they must develop a talent for teaching to become good coaches.

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Coaching is a separate skill. For this reason, look hardest at a candidate's track record of coaching and not simply individual success on the court.

3. Place Value on USPTA or PTR Certification

A coaching certification from an organization accredited by the United States Professional Tennis Association or Professional Tennis Registry indicates a tennis pro's dedication to excellence.

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The best coaches engage in lifelong learning. Attending classes and workshops every year demonstrates a person's love of learning and teaching. Professional coaching classes introduce people to the latest innovations in training and nutrition.

4. Match a Coach to Your Recreational or Professional Goals

Coaches may specialize in working with recreational tennis enthusiasts or those entering pro competition.

A recreational tennis instructor may coach as a part-time occupation. Tennis pros who coach recreational players will share their love of fitness and competition. A successful relationship consists of both parties being committed to fun more than career advancement.

What most recreational players want from a coach:

  • Improvement of technique
  • Practical fitness advice for an amateur
  • Development of basic game strategies

A professional-level coach, however, likely works as a full-time coach and can give large amounts of time to individual clients. Such a person has a strong career focus and is best matched with players strongly motivated to succeed in professional competition.

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What a professional or aspiring professional player wants from a coach:

  • Fine-tuning of technique
  • Strategies to preserve stamina
  • Ability to play with more speed and power
  • Consistent motivation

5. Ask for Referrals

To widen your pool of candidates beyond internet searches, get real-life recommendations from tennis players. Other parents could provide contact information for coaches that worked with their children.

If you're looking for a coach for yourself, ask your colleagues on the tennis court who they've worked with and found beneficial.

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Players in your community who exhibit superior skills could be the source of the most promising referrals. The pros who instructed them may have particularly strong talents for bringing out the best in people.

6. Observe Coaching Lessons

When possible, invest your time in watching pros give other people lessons before you hire someone. This gives you a chance to see how coaches interact with their clients.

Your observations will inform you about a coach's communication and teaching styles.

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During your evaluations, think about:

  • Is the person loud or quiet?
  • How precise is the feedback given?
  • Is the client able to apply the feedback effectively?
  • Is the interaction serious, fun, or a mix of both?

After watching a lesson, decide if you can imagine yourself or your child working with this person.

7. Measure Responsiveness to Your Inquiries

Choosing a tennis pro represents a business relationship. Excellent coaching skills alone might not be enough for you to have a satisfactory experience.

Someone who is hard to contact or ignores your messages may be frustrating to work with. You want to feel valued by the coach, and timely replies to your messages show that the person respects the opportunity to earn money from clients.

If you move forward with some lessons on a trial basis, continue to evaluate the coach's responsiveness.

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Issues to consider:

  • Does the person show up on time?
  • Is the focus on you or your child?
  • Does the coach take too many calls during the lesson?
  • Are you getting actionable advice?
  • Do you feel like the coaching is addressing your needs?

8. Don't Ignore Personality

No single personality is perfect for a coach. What matters most when hiring a tennis pro is if that person is a good match for you. Some people like a very vocal coach who shouts guidance as they work. Others, however, appreciate coaches who observe quietly and offer valuable pointers at the correct times.

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For the most part, you'll want to feel like you're working together toward a mutual goal. Great coaches relish seeing improvement in players. If you feel like someone isn't tuned into you, it could be a sign you need to try someone else.

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