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Tips for Holistic Nurturing
Nurturing your whole self is essential to a healthy and productive life.
Nurturing your whole self is essential to a healthy and productive life. While most people hear plenty about maintaining their body through exercise and healthy eating practices, they may not hear as much about the rest of their “self.” Yet, there is more to being healthy than the physical. Holistic health includes nurturing the mind, heart, and social, as well. When you take time to care for each part of yourself, you’ll feel more revitalized and complete. Here are tips to get you started on the path to a whole, healthy you.

Nurturing the Mind

“The brain is one of the largest organs in the body and is essential for life itself” (Source: Top Health Today). Not only is the brain the main area where thoughts and memories are shaped but it is also responsible for all of your actions. Although your brain is not exactly a muscle (it’s an organ), it acts as a muscle in some ways. And just like any other muscle, it benefits from exercise. Exercising the brain or mind will help keep it in top shape. You can do this in any number of ways. Here are a few ideas that will stimulate and nurture your mind:

• Learn something new. This could be a language, sport, game, or instrument.
• Play strategy games.
• Do puzzles.
• Create art.

Nurturing the Heart

Our emotions play a vital role in our happiness and they have the potential to affect those around us. In fact, healthy emotions help foster healthy relationships with others. However, it’s easy to become drained emotionally with the responsibilities and cares of life. So, how can you ensure your heart receives the nurturing it needs?

• Spend quality time with loved ones regularly. Even if it’s only a few hours a week, make a plan and stick with it.
• Take time to laugh. Laughter is a tonic for the heart and emotions. According to medical experts, laughing reduces stress hormones, enhances your immune system, and boosts your mood. It also connects you with others. Think about the last time you had a good laugh with a friend — it strengthens bonds.
• Let go of anything that pulls you down. Negative thinking drags down some people while others are weighed down because they are perfectionists. Whatever hinders from positivity, let it go.
• Nurturing the social.

We are social beings meant to be with others. We get more than just an emotional connection with others during social gatherings; we also learn about social and cultural norms. Furthermore, nurturing social interactions with others enhances other areas of your life. Here are some ways to make sure you keep your social life vibrant:

• Host a dinner at your home.
• Invite friends to play golf.
• Plan an activity for several of your acquaintances.
• Participate in social outings with others.
• Volunteer.

Maintaining a healthy life means taking care of your whole self — body, mind, emotions, and social. By making a conscious effort to develop these areas, you’ll enhance and nurture your health holistically.
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